Why us?

Because you want everything

Get complete control over the design of your tiny home in a matter of minutes.

have BIG ideas for your tiny home ?

We’ll take anything you have and in a single consultation be able to get you a real model and clear plans. Bring us anything to work with from pictures of models you liked to a floor plan hand drawn on a napkin. Our designers will create a plan and combine ideas and elements to create your dream space with all the perfect features.

3d models and walkthroughs

We’ll combine multiple concepts from features and floor plans you’ve seen in person, online, or just in your own mind. we can take multiple ideas and experiment to create photorealistic 3D models with video walkthroughs. You can even explore with a Virtual Reality headset. So you can take design risks and explore each option, because you’ll be able to see exactly how the space will look and feel. Make edits and creative changes as inspiration strikes and see it in real time. Then once you have the perfect floorplan, fixtures, features, and finishes we’ll build that 3D VR dream into reality !

CAT tiny homes makes tough choices easy

Where to put the refrigerator?

Having trouble deciding how to arrange your space, what colors to choose or if the floor plan you like has the right flow? You’ll get beautifully rendered 3D models and walkthroughs to help you really see your different options.

Does the fridge look better on the right or left?

CAT Tiny Homes Kitchen Model

A quick video render will help right?

"Yes, thats perfect! Thanks CAT Tiny Homes !"

CAT Tiny House Kitchen

What about the outside?

We know how important a great first impression is, and we want everyone to be impressed by your perfect tiny home. From Contemporary to Victorian, Craftsman to Farmhouse, we want your personal style to shine through. Your home’s exterior is just as customizable as the inside and you can choose from your favorite colors and styles from our extensive catalog.

Exterior Styles

Color Options?

Need Extra Space?

For a limited time you can upgrade your tiny home on us! Add an extra 2 feet to the interior space or a charming outdoor porch. Use your indoor expansion to get creative in the kitchen, expand the entrance, or lengthen the living room. You’ll be amazed what you can do with a little extra space. Ask your representative about some of the possibilities today!

Quartz vs Granite?

View quartz vs granite vs marble vs block and other countertop options all of which come standard on all models. Even choose your own custom options from our partnered hardware stores (Home Depot or Lowes) and we'll match it or choose and send your own custom material selections from anywhere.

Choose from an unlimited selection of materials, colors, and styles for countertops, appliance, backsplash, and many other kitchen options.

Laundry In The Bathroom?

You have a lot of freedom when it comes to the layout of our spacious full sized bathrooms. Use our 3D models to explore your options for different bathtubs and shower styles or a laundry nook

1 Sink or 2 Sinks ?

Create your dream kitchen with real granite countertops in your choice of color, single or double sink, choice of stainless steel appliances, arrangements, cabinet styles, layouts and more! It will be just the way you want it!

What Color Will Look Best?

We're here to help when it comes to choosing colors whether it's the right granite or the perfect shade of hardwood. More importantly how they look together. Create the ultimate retreat for yourself with the perfect color pallet, inside and out. Since every home is built on demand just for you and customized from the ground up,.

What Are The Floorplans?

To make sure everyone has their own space in your new home, we can help you select a floorplan to accommodate your family and lifestyle. Need a third bedroom, a home office, or even just some extra storage? Do you love to entertain guests and would rather have a larger living room and open kitchen? Customize and perfect the layout of your tiny home to sleep up to 6 people.

How many bedrooms?

Your tiny home can be designed to have 1 - 3 bedrooms and comfortably sleep up to 6 people. Every home has one or two large lofts that will accommodate a queen sized bed and our largest models have an optional extra room on the first floor that can be used as a third bedroom, a comfortable home office, a creative crafting room or whatever you can imagine!

What will it look like?

A tiny house may be small, but the customization options are huge! You can even choose your own floor plan and layout! Do you want 1 of 2 loft rooms? A double staircase or a single staircase and a ladder? The fridge or the stove under the stairs? Look through our professionally designed floor plans or talk to your representative about your custom ideas!

Come For Our Prices, fall in love with our Process

Video build updates

You’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your home’s construction with photo and video updates and then a final live video walk through when it's completed. We'll even pay to fly you out and see your tiny home and pick it up!

CAT Tiny House Design

3D digital models

You’ll never have to second guess a design choice when you can see beautifully rendered digital models before you commit to a design! You’ll know exactly what your home will look like.

Send us a photo

Have you found a tiny home, or even just a part of one that you love? Want us to incorporate it into your personal design? Send in your photos and our teams will make your dream a reality.

Customize everything

Our job is to build you the perfect home. You choose exactly how you want your home to be from the ground up, inside and out. You are in control and we are excited to be on this great big tiny home adventure with you!

Photo inspiration bucket

Need a little insight or a jumpstart to your creative process? Check out our photographic inspiration portal and have your rep create a personalized taste portfolio to help you get started today!

Nationwide Shipping Help

Your representative will be able to help you find the best shipping option for you, and you may be eligible to use some or all of your build credit toward shipping. So shipping to you is free.


It has never been easier to create personalized homes made specifically to suite your taste, needs, desires, and lifestyle !​

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