30′ Luxury Tiny Homes For $75,000 Now Just $65,000​

With ALL Upgrades & Everything Included

$5,000 Down

Tiny Down Payment ​Most companies require 50%-100% down. This is just 10% or less to start right now. It's our lowest ever and it won't last past early 2020, also ask about new pay as you go plans.

$5,000 Bonus

Huge Build Credit $5,000 towards anything you want to upgrade on your tiny home because we're so sure it's already beyond your expectations, that we'll stake $5,000 to make sure.

Get started with at little as $5000 down and get $5000 of standard build credit

As far as building tiny houses there’s nothing that we won’t do for you. Our average customer uses only $872 of their $5,000 bonus credit towards upgrading their tiny home. Why? because everything you could possibly want is already included. Many choose to use $0 because the home already has everything they want. So we just give them an extra 2 feet in length to use as extra interior space or expand into an adorable full size front porch. It’s not just 2 extra feet we can offer but we’ve approved some crazy additions as well. All the way from a rooftop deck or balcony to a rockwall on the side of the home. We want your home to be absolutely perfect for you and we’ll make sure it is perfect! 

(Whatever perfect means for you! We’ve even added some bulletproofing, really we did it) *Still not sure why though

Choose your perfect space

Each size has multiple floor plans and unlimited customization. Start with your size and we’ll walk you through every else from the perfect floor plan for you to the fixtures and finishes. All the way to complete 3D models to make sure everything about your new home is just


20 Feet


26 Feet


30 Feet



Customization Built In

Every home we build is unique top to bottom, inside and out, you can customize almost every part of your home all included in our flat low price.

Affordable for All

Everyone dreams of owning their own home, and with CAT Tiny Homes that dream can be a reality for as little as $49,000. You deserve to have a home you love at a price you’ll love too.

Make An Impact

Tiny homes are the perfect choice to reduce your environmental footprint or live off the grid. Add solar panels or even our new water generator options.

Dream Big

Want to make some bigger changes? Our design and architecture team will work with you to create your perfect space. Speak with a representative today about all your customization options.

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Build Credit

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Interior Design


Visual Client




Of Delivery


Payment Plan Customization

We know that the hardest part of buying a new home is finding the right place at the right price. Creating the best possible spaces for everyone has always been our most important goal. We have worked tirelessly to develop a payment process that will work for all of our customers and fit perfectly into their budget and timeline. Once you choose a CAT tiny home, you are assigned a personal representative to walk you through every step of the process to make sure the journey is smooth and easy and that your CAT home is every inch of the dream house you imagined. Your representative will help you with all of the design and customization, but they will also be your guide to the financial aspects of buying a tiny home.  If for any reason our program doesn’t quite fit in your budget, your personal representative can direct you through all of your financing options and incentives. From your first payment to your last, your representative will help you stay informed, and keep on track, all the while guiding you through all your opportunities and options.


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