We'll Design & Customize Anything

Do you have a special design in mind for your tiny home? Let us know and we’ll work with our designers and architects to build your dream!


Bring your own ideas to life with our custom design services


Have you seen a tiny house somewhere else that you love? We can build almost anything!


With dozens of customizable elements standard in every model, each home is unique and ready to reflect your style!

We want every home we build to be a dream home.  With our custom design services we can modify and customize almost every part of your tiny home. From fit and finish to floor plan you get to choose.

If you have a unique idea for an element of your home or even if you’ve seen a tiny house elsewhere that you just fell in love with, our design and architecture team will help you make it a reality. Whether its a few small changes, in depth modifications, or a totally new design.

We can build your dream. 

All of our tiny homes come standard with dozens of luxury and fully customizable elements both inside and out. From the color and style of your porch and exterior design. To inside where you have complete control over almost everything! Flooring, granite countertops, cabinetry, and appliances, all contribute to the style and tone of the kitchen.

You also have complete control over the bathroom layout, fixtures, finishes, and amenities, to the number of lofts, windows, doors and so much more! 

We have a pre-selected set of options to help you make your choices, but if you don’t find something your absolutely in love with in our catalog, you always have the option to completely customize based on your taste and style portfolio developed by your personal representative or find what you are looking for at our nationwide partnered hardware stores ( Home Depot & Lowes) or have it shipped directly to us for installation in your new home. 

Build Your Dream Home

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