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Are you looking for an affordable housing solution for the modern era? 

Explore the big possibilities of living tiny with our endlessly customizable, affordable luxury tiny homes for a fraction of the cost of traditional home ownership!

With everyone else’s “upgrades” included 100% free & even more luxury touches and additions always included standard.

From just $49,900

All luxury options come standard on every CAT tiny home !

Maximum Size Pricing

We build every tiny home beyond your expectations. With a $5,000 guarantee that you’ll be in love with your new home!

400 's

Of Happy Clients

$ 130000

26 Feet Long

$ 150000

30 Feet Long

Our Tiny Homes

Our tiny homes are real homes. All built beyond the specifications required for site built real estate. Most tiny house builders make trailers with a bed. They slap an RV sticker on as if that is at all sufficient., then charge you additional fees for all the things that should come standard with your new home.

All our tiny homes are built to luxury standards. Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and all the other amenities you’d expect and so much more. All our homes are built beyond the codes and specs for actual real estate, because our tiny homes are real homes.

CAT tiny homes come standard with everything you’d expect from a luxury real estate purchase and can even be placed on foundation and appreciate in value over time because our tiny houses aren’t just RV’s

CAT tiny homes builds real luxury homes just smaller.

Built On Demand

Each tiny home is designed and built individually on demand to your exact needs and specifications

Fully Customizable

Work with your personal design and architecture team and customize any element from the floors up

pay as you go

After an initial down payment, pay in easy installments as we reach milestones in the build process

Solar Panels

Tiny homes are designed to be plug and play, but you can add off-grid solar panels or water generators

Tiny Can Be Huge

Easy & Flexible Payments

Whether you choose our Pay-As-You-Go payment structure tied to the completion of your tiny home build plan or you need to work with our financial officers to develop a special plan, we'll work to make a tiny home work for you!

We're Always Here For You

You can completely rely on our award winning customer support and sales teams to be available whenever you need them to answer all of your questions, help with all steps of the process and keep you up to date on your home’s progress

Perfection in every step

At every level from design to delivery we have only the best professional teams working to bring your new tiny home to life. Know that you are purchasing the highest quality product that we can provide and we would never accept less.

Build Your Dream

It's your brand new tiny home and it should be perfect! Our design and architecture team will help guide your dream into reality. You can design and customize the perfect space for you and your family and we'll build your dream!

See Your Big Future In A Tiny Home

Design Everything

View every option of your creation in brilliant 3D with true to life photos and 3D models and videos

Everything Included

With designer bathrooms and gorgeous appliances be astounded by the luxury of our tiny homes

Fully Customizable

Up to 3 bedrooms for your whole family, customized mobile office, or high yield investment rental

Smart Home

Get everything in your home connected and wired through one main hub out of the box

Tiny Can Be Yours

Many companies build houses, our job is to give you a true home. We are excited to work with you to design and customize one of our unique tiny homes to suit your exact needs. Each home is flexible and we can accommodate up to 3 full bedrooms. Everything you need is already included in the base price. 

Custom granite countertops and stainless steel appliances for a beautiful kitchen, a full washer and dryer, elegant bathrooms, spacious living rooms filled with huge windows for natural light and plenty of storage space! Our tiny homes have everything you want already expertly engineered to fit into your space.

About us

We are a group of construction and real estate and professionals, that have over time become a family and we can’t wait to help you and your family build a dream.

Our mission

To use our superior size and resources to improve the availability and quality of affordable housing. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful space to call home.

$5,000 February Special

Who is it for?

A tiny home can be for anyone! Whether you are looking for a more affordable option, a faster option, or are looking to reduce your environmental impact and footprint, we have a home that will suit you! With a variety of sizes available and endless customization options, we can guarantee that you’ll love your tiny home!

Cat Tiny Homes Interior
Cat Tiny house Interior

How does it work?

Our process is simple and straightforward. We begin by working with you to determine what size tiny home you would like and outlining a production timeline. After a downpayment, the design and 3D digital mock up phase begins. Once reviewed and the design has your final approval, construction begins. You receive regular updates on the progress of your home as deadlines and milestones are met.

Frequently asked questions

Our smallest 20 foot long homes begin at $49,900. Even the most basic of models comes with every luxury standard and fully customizable interior and exterior options! Our largest models are equally luxurious and grow to over 30 feet and still cost under 69,900 for everything.

From the point of your signed approval of the final design to completion typically takes 8 – 12 weeks maximum but production times can vary or be reduced depending on materials, options, or custom upgrades to the home or architecture. You will get a customized timeline for your build. You will also be informed of ways to reduce production time to your build if necessary.

All of our standard models are 8.5’ wide and range from 20 feet to over 30 feet long. Each home has 1 or 2 second story lofts and high 13′ ceilings to keep the space open and comfortable.
Your tiny home will come on a custom-built wheeled trailer, with all internal electricity and plumbing certified and ready to hook up at your destination. Each home has a full kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops, a full bathroom as well as a washer and dryer and air conditioner/heating system. Everything you want comes included and standard.
We build each home on a custom made wheeled foundation. Upon completion, we can help you to arrange for delivery to your final destination. You have the option to put your any bonus credit toward the cost of shipping or placing on foundation to make you home a permanent structure.

Almost everything! We have a catalog of preselected options for floors, counters, cabinets, fixtures, faucets and everything else you could think of, or you can visit a national chain hardware store to pick out your own personal furnishings, have them sent to us and we can install them.

“Even if you have you seen another tiny home that you like, we can work with our designers to modify our models to match or combine other ideas to suit you!”

Of course! Each home comes fully wired and plumbed, inspected and certified. All you have to do it hook it up to electricity and water on your property. We’ll walk you through everything.

All of our models come with every luxury option included but there are some things you can add. There are many power and even water generation options. In addition to size and furnishings, you can customize your tiny home with a solar power system and / or a water creation and reclamation systems to help reduce your carbon footprint and live off grid or more sustainably.

Laws and regulations vary from state to state and even change at a county or city level regarding what kinds of structures you can have on your property.  Since your tiny home comes on a wheeled trailer, it can count as a vehicle or RV or built in as a permanent structure or dwelling. One of our many options should be allowed on most residential properties without an issue. You should review all local ordinances and homeowners association rules just in case though. 

Cat tiny homes cost between $50,000 and $70,000 with all luxury options included

Tiny Solutions
Solve Big Problems

Excited about a tiny home? Love the idea of self sustaining solar powered homes with their own water generation systems or just love a cute space artfully designed by inspired decorators and and brought to life with the exacting standards of our dedicated team of architects and engineers?

Share this page with a friend or the world! Help us create sustainable affordable housing for everyone.


An affordable home ownership option that is accessible to all

Solar & Water

Sustainable solar power and water generation options available


Highly engineered to use space with perfect efficiency -tiny will feel huge

Made For You!

Fits perfectly into your life and customized to your ideal style

Tiny Can Be HUGE

Now that you know all about CAT Tiny Homes the tiny house home builders and how we can help you create your very own tiny home are you ready to get started?

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